Sidewalk Museum Returns to Louisville

Last week, ArtsinStark brought The Sidewalk Museum back to downtown Louisville for a three month visit along Main Street between Chapel and Mills. Last year The Sidewalk Museum featured giant 4 by 8 foot paintings by Louisville High School students celebrating moments in local history. “This year we’re showcasing the work of Louisville-related artists, many of whom have been featured at the Arts and History Gallery downtown,” says ArtsinStark CEO Robb Hankins. The ten artists are: Barbara Taylor Aiken, Hannelore Brown, Linda Christman, Mike Criswell (Theatrewiz),Vivian Geaghan, Rita Sommers Hukills, Sean Johnson, Angelo Oddo, Carl “Rick” Silvey, and Denny Valentine. The outdoor exhibit of temporary public art is part of 20/20 Vision Louisville, an economic development project of ArtsinStark and the City of Louisville. The goal of 20/20 Vision Louisville is to use art and history activities to transform three historic blocks on East Main Street into “Constitution Place” — an entertainment destination for locals and tourists alike.

Here are the artists featured in Sidewalk Museum 2016: Hannelore Brown: whose favorite subjects are landscapes, portraits and pets; and who studied art for 12 years. Sean Johnson: who graduated from Malone College with a BA in Art and who likes to create designs that pull the viewer’s eyes into and through the painting. Angelo Oddo: a multitalented artist who has achieved success in various fields including magic and acting, and who has published an autobiography entitled Life without Limits. Barbara Taylor Aiken: who has studied colored pencils, oil painting, and is currently continuing her education by taking classes in watercolors. Denny Valentine: who has been doing professional photography for the last 35 years and is recognized as a “Master Photographer” by the Professional Photographers of America. Michael Criswell (Theaterwiz): who loves shooting landscapes and architectural fine art photography. Vivian Geaghan: a self-taught artist who works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and colored pencils where her love of nature and gardening can be reflected. Linda Christman: who says that art is an ongoing journey, and who hopes to pull viewers into the scene with all of nature’s beauty. Carl “Rick” Silvey: a self-taught artist who likes to dabble in water colors, pastels, color pencils, acrylics, spray painting, and oils. Rita Sommers Hukills: who has been taking art classes for 40 years, and has her artwork on display in schools, homes, churches, and restaurants all across Ohio.


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