Piano in Pictures

by Judi Christy

Oftentimes, life is not exact.  Like the keys on a piano, lined up with precision, each day, like each key, emits its own song; sad or joyful, adagio or allegro; a single note or endless symphony.

Some of us are happy to listen; others are eager to pull back the stool and play like there is no tomorrow.

Evelyn (Evie) Gerber could do both; a happy girl with a love for God, family, and friends in her homeschool community, Evie had the patience and the talent find the simple joy in nature, drawing, sewing.  And, as delightful pre-teen girl, she also jumped in with great gusto to laugh, sing, and play the piano.

Evie was getting pretty good at sight reading.  Having taken lessons from Creative Canton Music Studio, she quickly moved on from the one-hand simplicity of beginner books, to more complex selections, finger movement, and of course, pacing.

In music, and in life, timing is everything.

And, yet, nothing at all.

Because at age 11, on Halloween 2015, Evie Gerber completed her piece at the studio’s recital, heard the applause, stood, smiled and took her final bow.

Evie Gerber’s song was finished, but her legacy was just commencing.

To honor the life of this beautiful young soul, and to provide support for her family, Creative Canton Music Studio is hosting Piano in Pictures, a tribute and a fundraiser for a little girl with a big dream.  The event will be held at Joe Albert Signature Series (207 Market Avenue North, Canton) on First Friday – May 6 from 6-9 p.m.   Current piano and voice students, many of whom knew Evie and her family, were invited, by their teachers, to create a piece of art to reflect the song they will be performing for this year’s recital.

The art, which can be viewed from May 2-6 at Joe Albert Signature Series, at will be part of a silent auction.  Proceeds from Piano in Pictures will go to the Pregnancy Support Center in Canton.  Before her death, Evie, who loved babies, was anxiously awaiting the birth of her little brother.  Evie wanted to be a “little mommy.”

But, she also wanted to be an art teacher, an interest that sparked the fundraiser theme.

“After seeing Evie’s beautiful artwork, it just seemed like the perfect fit for a tribute to remembering her life,” said Courtney Hall, Evie’s former piano teacher and friend at Creative Canton.  “I envisioned a recital where students perform while being surrounded by beautiful art in a room full of color and vibrancy.  This will remind me and others of Evie’s smile that could light up a room.”

To RSVP for the Paint in Pictures Fundraiser and view some of the work to be included, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/548684288643864/

To read a beautiful tribute to Evie Gerber, visit   http://www.aublefuneralhome.com/obituaries/Evelyn-Gerber/#!/Obituary


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