Live Musician Profile : Pat Masalko

Live Musician Profile : Pat Masalko

By James Dennison

This week’s feature musician is a favorite and one of the most seen musicians in Downtown Canton. If you’ve been to George’s Lounge, Geisen Haus, or Gallery 121 in Massillon the odds are VERY good that you’ve seen Big Pat Masalko playing on his acoustic Guild F Series performing covers and originals and using a clever arrangement of foot pedals to accompany himself during solos. Pat is a musician for the people, he’s determined to deliver the best performance no matter what the crowd or venue, he’s got a lot of heart and he puts everything into every song he has.

Pat Masalko is a professional musician playing live around town about twenty hours a week and teaching at Canton Music. He teaches stringed instruments, vocals, as well as woodwind and brass. Pat plays fourteen instruments and is proficient in six. He’s been at it for a long time, starting music around 7th grade and playing for money as early as 16 years old. He’s been around Canton that entire time, cutting his teeth with local favorites Dan and Nate Monea from the band Hey Monea.

On stage, Masalko’s biggest asset is his voice. Every note is pitch perfect, every sustain is timed flawlessly. He has the soul and breath of a trained musician, but his voice is stained with the rust and patina of a hard-lived working musician like Tom Waits. His influences include early Genesis, Frank Zappa, Counting Crows and Gentle Giants and you can hear it in his flawless guitar work. Patrick likes progressive musicians, if he’s listening to music it needs to be the best. It needs to be work so good he’d wish that it was something he’d written.

Pat Masalko’s band named The Chemical Wonders is currently recording and mixing it’s first album of original music. Pat’s number of original songs is low for a seasoned musician. He claims to have only completed 25 original songs and some of those he’s written and performed exclusively for himself, but that’s the way of a true artist, spending his time growing and seeding the inspiring works while tossing the sketches and practice to the side.

Check out Big Pat playing live at George’s Lounge, Geisen Haus or Gallery 121 or look for his band The Chemical Wonders playing live in the future. You’ll never be sorry you checked him out.