“Fiber Art and More” is January Show at Ahh Gallery in Louisville

The Art and History Gallery (The Ahh Gallery) at 120 East Main Street in downtown Louisville, Ohio will open “Fiber Art and More” on Thursday, January 19 from 5 – 8 pm. Two of the featured artists are Yvonne Walter, whose quilts have toured in shows by The American Quilter Society from California to Maine; and Ruth Nichols whose specialty is creating sewing-machine art. Also on display will be works from: Vivian Geaghan, Hannalore Brown, Mike Criswell, Carl R. Silvy, Frank Dale, Russ Hench, Judi Singer, Chris Marshall, Jake Davis, Ashley Pennington, Marie Nelson, Marjorie Lutes, Barbara Taylor Aiken, Abi Yeagley, Randall Christopher, Gail Thompson, Mark Brunner, and Catherine Fithian. The January 19 opening will offer light refreshments, a chance to meet the artists, and live music by Jared Lees. The Art and History Gallery is a project of the Louisville-Nimishillen Historical Society, and is open weekly Thursday and Friday 1 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 3.

The first featured artist is Yvonne Walter who has lived in Canton, Ohio her entire life. She is a 70-year-old cancer survivor who loves ballroom dancing and walking her dog. She enjoys experimenting with new styles and lives by the philosophy “whatever floats my boat” in order to determine her next art project. Yvonne took lessons at the Carousel Factory in Mansfield, Ohio and then hand carved the 1/3 scale wooden carousel horse that will be featured in the show. Other works of art by Walter are a hand-carved jewelry box made out of a goose egg, numerous paintings, wall quilts, and multimedia art. The second featured artist is Ruth Nichols from Louisville. She has painted for years, but now she uses the sewing machine needle as her brush and thread as her paint. In addition, her husband Mel Nichols is displaying his hand-made pens.

The Art and History Gallery was founded in November 2014. The gallery features both art and history exhibits, and is open weekly. The LNHS, which also sponsors free monthly history programs and art classes, invites everyone to stop in and see what’s happening in historic downtown Louisville. For information, please call (330) 875-2829. The Ahh Gallery is a part of the 20/20 Vision Louisville, an economic development project of ArtsinStark and the City of Louisville. The goal is to transform three historic blocks on East Main Street downtown into “Constitution Place” — an entertainment destination for locals and tourists alike.

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