Canton Gypsy Market, July 30

In case your summer wasn’t full enough with community art scene, Saturday, July 30 features the Canton Gypsy Market at Merging Hearts Holistic Center. As the name suggests, the Gypsy Market will offer you a carefully selected group of around 50 vendors for your perusal. The sun will rise on some of Canton’s finest vendors for an open air pop up event! 

Gypsy Market is the love child of sister Keri and Kelly, local of course. At the age of 15, these twin sisters enjoyed time with their mother and grandmother who would instilled the love of craft and sewing. They taught the girls their appreciation of creating homemade items. Soon, they began daydreaming about their own boutique. Soon, they applied this love of handmade crafts to be more inclusive. They realized their calling just might be to feature the truly unique vendors and help their business grow. The Merging Hearts Holistic Center were able to continue their community outreach by pairing with the sisters K, to bring you this event. The Merging Hearts are very active in helping support non profit organizations and has a real love of community. 

There will be close to fifty truly incredible vendors, amongst them are names like Rockstar Rock Shop, PDP Studio, Sassy Trashionista, Bombshell Cupcakes—-check them out on Facebook before you head over and pick your own favorites!Think you might want to bring your wares to the Canton Gypsy Market? Founders Keri and Kelly  have been working at this for a long while. They travel to shows, visit with vendors, building complex and rich relationships with these small business owners. So, to be a part of Canton Gypsy Market, you have truly been vetted in a new kind of way, which makes this a bit more than just another pop up.

Keri and Kelly know that just fifty varied and quality vendors might not be enough to keep everyone enraptured. SO, there will also be a myriad of children’s activities, shopping & music, yoga and exposure to the community to the mission statement of Merging Hearts Holistic Center which gives opportunities to nurture the mind, heal the body and awaken the spirit.

Canton Gypsy Market

Saturday July 30th 10am to 4pm

Merging Hearts Holistic Center

3751 Burrshire Drive NW

Canton, OH 44709