20/20 Vision Louisville to Host Three Community Meetings

The public is invited to attend three community update meetings on ArtsinStark’s 20/20 Vision Louisville Program. The meetings will focus on how we are using arts and history programs to help revitalize downtown. The meetings will be chaired by Thomas Strouble who led the original planning process back in 2012. The objective is to both update the community on what 20/20 Vision Louisville has done to date, and to obtain input on the past, present, and future plans.

Meeting #1 will be 7 – 8 pm on Tuesday August 2, 2016 at the Education Center of Louisville (on Mill Street behind Edwards/Paumier Insurance). During this meeting we will hear from Robb Hankins, ArtsinStark CEO, on the strategy agreed to by the planning committee in 2012, and what has happened to date. All attendees will have the opportunity to express their thoughts.

Meeting #2 will 7 – 8 pm on Thursday August 11, 2016 at the Louisville Constitution Center. Copies of the plan and a written report on what has happened to date will be available and attendees can discuss any concerns and recommendations for improvement.

Meeting #3 will be 7 – 8 pm on Tuesday August 16 at the Louisville Constitution Center will be the final community meeting. The objective of this meeting will be to review any recommendations in an effort to improve future implementations.

People that can attend only one of the three meetings are welcome. We want to gather input and feedback from as many as possible. So please join us.