The Little Art Gallery announces its upcoming exhibit featuring paintings and drawings by Emily Vigil.

The Little Art Gallery of the North Canton Public Library will host artist, Emily Vigil’s, exhibit “Landscapes Lost and Found” beginning November 2, 2017. The exhibit will be displayed through December 3, 2017. An opening reception, hosted by the Friends of the Little Art Gallery, will be held Thursday, November 2, 2017 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres will be served. All are welcome.


Artist Statement and Statement of Show

“When I was a student, I was often counseled to begin by ‘writing what I know.’ Similarly, my undergraduate art education included countless hours of drawing ‘what I saw.’ Sometimes I felt as though I couldn’t possibly wring any more expression from drapery in a corner, or from a lowly egg and its cast shadow. I longed for the ability to take the leaps of freedom performed by my Art History heroes: Matisse, Turner, El Greco, or Rauschenberg. I was impatient to push past skill building, to express what I felt in my gut, to tap into the universal beyond the specific. But I am so glad that I drew and painted what I saw, as that is how I learned to enjoy the process of perception itself, and become aware of the scaffolding of sight. Besides, I learned to love manipulating art materials: pigment, water, medium, paper, wood, or canvas. I am no longer a university student or instructor. I still believe that primary experience is important, but after years of limiting my art goals to the boundaries of my personal experience, I have given myself permission to approach the edge of an imagined place, of an imagined time. Maybe even someone else’s place or time, as long as that place is one I can approach respectfully through an authentic connection.”


~Lost ~

“Follow me on this journey, by delving into mixed media acrylics and collages that chronicle some unreachable places or times. While some of these places are wholly constructed, Chasm, Crest, and Heritage all relate to true stories from my family, set in specific locations in the past: thirty, forty and over two hundred years ago. The details of these stories will never be known, only imagined.”



“Nursery (StarkFresh Hoophouse) is the first in a series I am creating about community gardens in Stark County. I am lucky to have witnessed the remarkable transformation of a small plot of land in Canton into a tiny but vibrant urban farm, through diligence of growers from ICAN Housing, under the direction of StarkFresh. I can’t wait until I have a full season of source material to paint the abundance brought forth from this and other community gardens tended to right here around us. Over the course of 2016 and early 2017, I will be chronicling this and other community garden spaces in Stark County through a body of artwork very much grounded in my present day, solid connection to this place, our place.”


For additional information, please contact library community relations manager, Christina Weyrick, at 330.499.4712 x331 or